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She lives in the back of beyond. You had better not go. I'm not stupid, am I? The minister was obliged to resign from the Cabinet. Do you have another opinion? She looked at him with a smile on her face. Over 100 people were present at the party. Burr was not satisfied with Hamilton's answers.

Guy finally came up with the cash. I entered her room. Stop worrying about that.

Olson is my favorite singer. Brent couldn't convince Jerrie that she had made a mistake. Yamamoto is also a friend of mine. This beer is bitter.

Tensions were increasing. Don't let him lie on the floor.

I'm really happy to be back in Boston. What is God after all? An eternal child playing an eternal game in an eternal garden. She is aware of my secret plan. Is Polly a suspect?

He has a new girlfriend.

Almost half of pregnancies in the United States are unplanned. Jerrie has a talent for music. Tony can run fast. Fake it till you make it.

War is a loathsome business.

When he had no money, he couldn't buy any bread.

They haven't slept for forty-eight hours already. Who was here first? I have confidence in his abilities. He suggested going out to watch a movie. I'm surrounded by enemies. Don't let my son see this! I fasted.

Nobody wants to mention my country. I blab about the boy all the time. Presley didn't say a word to me all night. I need to get this done. This is probably the wrong place. Can you suggest another solution? Eric is old enough to go to school.

The Chinese ideographs are very beautiful. It rained five days on end. I'll give you a lift home.

That's the reason I don't like Elias. We have little chance of winning. We can't just let you go. He's a gigolo. Mother went to town to get some bread. I learn French at school. He attended the meeting as deputy president. How did you know Clay and Izumi weren't really married? I have two parakeets at home.

They saw the sights of Kyoto with their family. My foot is aching. These scissors are suitable for left and right-handed people. His mind had lost its sharpness. Tait leaned back against the bar. Daren died a few years ago. We had a lot to drink. Aa, Aaaaa~~ It's about to leak. Alf seemed to be having a good time talking with Lila. Ima wished he were still single.

The ice will give under your weight. She has a 10 percent interest in the company. Because the battery of my watch is very small, I can't change it by myself. Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!

This is the heaviest snowfall we have ever had. Clifford married me this morning. I would rather die than relinquish my virginity before marriage

I've done that. In terms of salary, that job is fantastic. He began to be a problem. I baited the hook for you. Sometimes I work from dawn to dusk in the fields. Nadeem is an engineer now. It's about time we went to bed. Clyde watches the 6 o'clock news every evening.

Free snacks will be provided. There's something else. Modern methods have pushed industry forward.