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We can paint your room any color you want. I helped my father wash his car. I can change language and speak in English or German. Price helped Sanjeev with her work. Desert ecology is a new field of study. He wished Indra had told him the story. I paid 2,000 yen for the parcel to be sent by air.

Why couldn't you listen? I think Gary wants to come with us. He is absent from school. How did you and Elvis become friends? No matter what game he plays, he always wins. Abstract art is not to the taste of everyone. This is Gregge calling. He acquainted me with the change of the plan.

I wonder what Duncan would do in a situation like this. We've got that figured out. I don't want to take risks. Why was Son not at the meeting? Is it the fault of the red shirt?

Is Mr. Jones in the office? So, what do you think of him? If it gets dangerous, give me a call. I loved the old man. Does that make sense to you? He's interested in math. I give you my heart. I found it truly regrettable that he should take offence. I want to go home and sleep. A bicycle race was held in Nagoya last year.

I know better than to lend him money. You know Roberto, I think. It's just a picture I downloaded from the Internet. I love jokes. She may spill the beans. You promised that there would be plenty of hedgehogs in the village! Tell me what you're going to do. I'll come at five to pick you up at your place. Read! His popularity was at a low ebb.

I got a new jacket yesterday. I went into Rodney's room. I was just thinking about it. I don't normally lie. You love chili, don't you? We must take care of the elderly. She has a bad head cold. Father won first prize in the photo contest and was in high spirits. She has some beautiful antique furniture. I couldn't remember their names.

We haven't seen Gil since yesterday. One of the American states is famous for its pineapples. He affected not to hear me. There is a big stack of mail on the table. When it comes to sewing, she is all thumbs. Dancing is prohibited. It will only get better. I think, therefore I follow. I highly doubt Barbra knows any French.

When was your last bowel movement? I won't tell you this again. Farouk is one of my heroes. Dan never handles his big hairy spider without a thick glove. I know there was a big church there.

I told you to be here on time this morning. None of his friends came to visit him there, for there were too many stairs to climb. Alberto has an eye for modern art.

Can't you see I'm not interested? He looked up at his mother, waiting for her to be shocked. They travelled eastwards. Jarmo packed a lunch for Troy to take to school. How many eggs are there in the kitchen? We will hurry home after the rain. Dan and Linda live in London where they both grew up. Varda fell out of love with Uri. Eddy's dream was to be able to speak French fluently. Trey's in the big leagues now.

I've mistakenly deleted the party information and registration you sent to me. I need to make an urgent call. Is there a public phone near here? I want to learn all the words on this list before July first. I must speak with them. I'm an independent contractor with 14 years' experience. He is the eldest in his class. I have not read the book nor do I want to. Jackye asked Ahmed if she was OK.

It was nothing.

My bus is late. I haven't gotten around to doing it yet. Elwood has been more successful at losing weight than Vladislav.

They die well that live well. Vicky rescued a dog from drowning. He should be rich: he had every opportunity before immigrating. Nou didn't want this to happen. Rodney is a model. She is younger than me.

We don't need to waste money on things we don't need. The water has just been brought from the well. Kayvan gave me permission to go home early. Tareq sings in the church choir. They can't both be right. Harry is washing his hands. I was drinking milk. You can stay here tonight if you want. I've learned a good deal from you.

No one should've been surprised. But there is no publication extant authenticated with his name. You seem to be a busy man. What causes that to happen?